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Great Genetics make a Great Product

At JB Kobe Farms we raise Wagyu cattle from the top marbling Wagyu Genetics Available. We have spent years breeding the top Wagyu Sires and using Wagyu females tha also have premium genetics to produce some of the finest  Wagyu Beef available in the United States.

We DNA test our animals to ensure you get what you pay for

Our cattle are DNA verified as Wagyu cattle. We take a DNA sample from each animal and have tested to ensure it qualifies to the correct sire and dam, that protects our customer and verifies we are selling them what they ask for.

Naturally Raised by us, not a feed lot

We personally raise each animal to ensure you receive a high quality, high marbling, all natural Wagyu Beef or "American Kobe Beef". We raise both Percentage and Fullblood Wagyu.

Not all Wagyu Beef is created equal

Most people are not aware that the vast majority of Wagyu Beef in the USA is only a %50 Wagyu %50 Angus crossbreed. There is some quality 50/50 Wagyu out there but we believe that a higer percentage of Wagyu Bloodlines is neccesasry for a more Authentic product. Our Wagyu used for beef production are 87.5% Minimum Wagyu Genetics We also offer 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef, this gives our customers a choice of two great products to choose

There are not very many Wagyu Suppliers that offer the %87.5 Wagyu genetics, and fewer that offer %100 Fullblood Wagyu. If you ask most places you may buy your Wagyu you will find it is only %50, And some will honestly have no idea either way or may not have a clue what your asking. 

Almost all Wagyu Beef in the United States is only 50% Wagyu Genetics! so be carefull of what you purchase! 50% Wagyu Beef is not anywhere near the quality of high percentage or fullblood wagyu cattle.

Wagyu Strip Steak
Highly Marbled Fullbood Wagyu Steak From JB Kobe Farms
50% Wagyu will not have this intense marbling.

There is less expensive Wagyu Beef online and in stores, but that usually translates to a lower quality. JB Kobe Farms likes to meet in the middle with reasonbly priced not over or under priced cuts, but maintain a high quality. Which delivers top quality cuts to our customers without setting prices at the high end spectrum.

Wagyu history in Japan

Originally used in Japan as working animals, Wagyu were used in agriculture – selected for their physical endurance. This physicality made for a more flavorful and therefore more desirable animal, as it contained more than average intra-muscular fat. This additional marbling provided a better source of energy and makes Wagyu have a more desirable taste and flavor.

Japanese Wagyu derive from native Asian cattle. There is some evidence of genetic differences in the Wagyu strain as much as 35,000 years ago. There were infusions of British and European breeds in the late 1800’s, but the Wagyu were closed to outside genetic mixing in 1910.
The variation of genetics within the Wagyu breed is greater than the  variations across British and European breeds. These differences have produced a Japanese national herd comprising 90% black cattle with the remainder being red. The Japanese Black are the only strain of Wagyu used to produce Kobe Beef in Japan.

Wagyu history in America

There were 4 Wagyu Cattle imported to the United States in 1976 from Japan, After that there were several small batches imported during the 90's and the last group was brought to America in 2001. They are a unique breed known for producing the finest highest marbling beef in the world.  Due to the small amount of Wagyu Cattle that were imported it has taken decades of breeding by a small group of American Breeders to increase population enough were American Kobe Beef can be found and purchased fairly easily.

Wagyu are known for slow growth rates and are typically a little smaller in size when compared to common American breeds of cattle, this is one reason why American Kobe Beef cost more than typical beef. Not only do the cattle cost more the rancher must keep and feed the cattle much monger than usual to get them ready for slaughter. American Kobe Beef has quickly become known as the premiere type of beef to have in the United States. Below are pictures of a few of the foundation Wagyu Sires we have used to build our top quality Wagyu herd.

Fukutsuru 068- Current #1 Marbling Bull in America
#1 Marbling Wagyu Bull Fukutsuru 068


Michifuku Famous Wagyu Sire

Wagyu Bull-Sire Sanjirou