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Premium Wagyu Beef and Japanese Wagyu  Cattle
 We Take Wagyu Beef To The Next Level

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* High Marbling Wagyu "Kobe Stlye" Beef 
* Naturally raised at our ranch

*Custom Cuts Available

Today's Specials

Brisket American Kobe-Wagyu Beef 7 lbs. Minimum
Price: $98.79
Brisket American Kobe-Wagyu Beef 7 lbs. Minimum
Our mouth watering briskets will take your BBQ or Competition event to the next level with abundent marblin.g Full American Kobe-Wagyu Beef Brisket (Point and Flat together) 7 lbs. minimum most are larger.
Fillet American Kobe - Wagyu Beef - On Sale 10% off
Price: Now on sale $37.28 was $41.42 ea. 4-7 oz.
Fillet American Kobe - Wagyu Beef - On Sale 10% off
Our Wagyu fillets are very well marbled and like all our beef are from our Tajima Bloodline Japanese Black Wagyu Cattle. They will make your next event or dinner one everyone will remember. 1 Premium American kobe-Wagyu Beef Fillet Steak 4-7 Oz. Ea.
Strip Steak American Kobe-Wagyu Beef
Price: $47.87
Strip Steak American Kobe-Wagyu Beef
Our Succulent Highly Marbled American Kobe-Wagyu Beef Strip Steak will take your taste buds to a new level of pleasure. 12-14 Oz. ea. Strips are Bone-In for extra flavor.

Select breeding and genetics for fine quality Wagyu Beef

All Wagyu Beef is NOT created equal

The USDA allows cattle with only 50% Wagyu Genetics to be branded as "Wagyu Beef", Our Wagyu Beef has a minimum of 87.5% Wagyu Genetics and we offer 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef, this is rare to find in domestic Wagyu Beef. Most producers only raise 50% Wagyu and do not bother to tell you it is only half Wagyu. Only the finest restaurants and farms offer this "High Percentage Wagyu Beef". If you take time to check or ask you will find that most Wagyu you have tried or will be purchasing will be only 50% Wagyu.

We have found that this 50% Wagyu Beef lacks important qualities Wagyu Cattle offer. Such as a higher unsaturated fat ratio, tenderness and marbling quality.

Born Raised and Finished on our farm

We personally raise each Wagyu steer at the JB Kobe Farms for you at our family ranch- not a feedlot. We do not purchase any meat from other producers. Our Wagyu Cattle are pampered on pasture and fed a secret blend of all natural grains that maximizes the flavor, marbling, and tenderness of our Wagyu Cattle. If you are tired of commercial grocery store beef you will love Wagyu beef from our ranch.

If you have questions feel free to contact  JB Kobe Farms at (417) 849-1227.

High Quality Kobe Style Beef.