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Fillet American Kobe - Wagyu Beef - On Sale 10% off

Price: Now on sale $37.28 was $41.42 ea. 4-7 oz.
Item Number: American Fillet

 Our fillets are tender and have the delicious buttery flavor Japanese Wagyu Cattle are known for. With a abundant amount of marbling they will not dissapoint. These are cut form our Tajima Bloodline Wagyu Cattle, the only bloodline used in Japan for Japanese Kobe Beef, Not only that all of our American Wagyu Beef is a minimum of 87.5% Wagyu Genetics. Most consumers are not aware that the large majority of Wagyu Beef available domesticaly is only a 50% Wagyu 50% Angus Cross. At our Ranch we take it to the next level and offer only High Percentage Wagyu Beef and 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef. If you desire a more authentic experience then you will love our products. 

Wagyu Beef is higher in unsaturated fat, we use the correct Wagyu Genetics to take full advantage of the Wagyu Cattle's tendency for up to 2:1 unsaturated to fat ratio compared to 1:1 ratio found with typical beef. Based on Texas A&M research of Wagyu Cattle

Sale Price: $37.28  each, was  $41.42 each 

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